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Copper tripeptide-1




Copper Tripeptide-1 is a copper complex of Tripeptide-1.



Copper peptide; Copper peptide complex; GHK-Cu; GHK copper peptide; Prezatide Copper Acetate


CAS: 130120-57-9



1. Causes skin remodeling

*    Rebuilds skin protective barrier

*    Increases collagen and elastin - more than vitamin C

*    Increases water-holding proteoglycans

*    Rebuilds blood microcirculation

*    Activates removal of damaged skin proteins and scars


2. Present in wounds

The human body's natural remodeling signal


3. Anti-inflammatory

potent anti-inflammatory, activates skin's main antioxidant protein--dismutase superoxide


4. Blocks ferritin release of oxidizing iron


5. Reduces IL-1


6. Increases hair follicle(humans) size

Also blocks hair loss if given before chemotherapy and accelerates hair growth after chemotherapy (rats)


7. Reduces TGF-beta and scar production

Reduces TGF-beta-1 and TNF-alpha

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