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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is erythrulose regarded as the best choice among self tanning agents?
2. How does it work for erythrulose to produce a well tanned skin without UV radiation?
3. Is erythrulose natural origin? How is it obtained?
4. Is erythrulose safe for use as self tanning agent?
5. What applications does erythrulose have?
6. What should be noticed in preparing self-tanning products containing erythrulose?
7. What ingredients are recommended to be used to improve tanning effect of erythrulose?
8. What ingredients may be recommended to be used in erythrulose-contained formulations?
9. Where to buy Erythrulose only, dihydroxyacetone free self-tanning products?
10. What are the main disadvantages of dihydroxyacetone ( DHA ) as a self tanning agent?
11. What are the main problems with most tanning lotions, creams and sprays in the market? What causes all these hassals?
12. Why most self tanners do not work?
13. Why do most self-tanners smell so bad?
14. What are the risks of intensive sun exposure or artificial ultra-violet radiation for acquiring a tanned appearance?
15. How to Fix a Streaky Tan from Self-Tanner?
16. What suggestions are given on using self tanners?
17. What should be taken into consideration on the shipping of erythrulose?

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